What is the difference between the No Knot Little Wrap (NKLW) and the No Knot Woven Wrap (NKWW)?

The main difference is that the fabric of the NKLW is knitted and stretchy, whereas that of the NKWW is woven and less stretchy. In practical terms, this gives a different carrying sensation:

  • second-skin, very enveloping feeling for the NKLW
  • firm support without bounce for the NKWW which can be more comfortable for a heavier baby 

The NKWW is also wider than the NKLW and can support your larger, heavier baby with maximum comfort. The NKLW is double-sided, two-tone and reversible for more fun and to suit your mood :)

Technical features:


  • 98% viscose 2% polyurethane (fabric assembly) 
  • 62cm wide
  • between 1.55cm and 1.75cm long (Standard size)
  • rings size M
  • weight: 500g



  • 100% Viscose 
  • 70cm wide
  • 185cm
  • rings size L
  • Weight: 475g