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What's the difference between BASIC vs JPMBB Original?

Besides the price (49 for the BASIC & 75 for the JPMBB Original), some features differ:
- BASIC: shorter, narrower and without pocket - 4.6m long by 50cm wide. Allows to carry in front from birth and up to 9kg.
Basic WRAP weight = 800g, composition: 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane

- JPMBB Original: longer, wider - 4.9m by 70cm wide. Baby carrier at 14kg front, side and back. It has a colored pocket which can be practical to store the diaper, the blanket, the pacifier.
JPMBB Original wrap weight = 1kg, composition: 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane

The JPMBB Original is denser and more covering than the BASIC.