Baby stands up straight, is toned in the Little Wrap Without A Knot?

It is sometimes difficult to get the back of a very toned baby to roll up. The cloth should roll around the buttocks, thighs and down to the knees (like when you tuck a mattress into the sheet). The fabric will tuck him so tightly that you will feel him against you.

His feet will then be obligatorily outside.

1. Try carrying baby with both hands: support the buttocks with the whole forearm, support the back and neck with the other hand and bring the knees up. Can baby roll up? If so, great! Remember to keep this position during the installation. (Be careful, never 2 hands to adjust the wrap, just one hand and the other one that keeps the wrap position and the cheek takes over from the hand).

2. If baby doesn't wrap well in arms, you can suggest: sitting in profile (we have a tutorial link if you wish). Practice with your arms before grabbing the wrap. If necessary, send us a photo so we can advise you. Also pre-adjust your sling or baby carrier beforehand.