My baby does not like the lying down position for breastfeeding in a wrap. What should I do?

We can distinguish two periods: Before 3 months, your baby cannot hold his head and breastfeeding in a sitting position will be less easy to achieve: - Maybe your baby doesn't like having fabric on his head. You can try the lower strap and see if you notice an improvement. - Make sure you take your baby's feet out of the straps: if they are caught in the straps, your child may arch his back when pushing with his feet, which contributes to his irritation.

- A hungry child may show some signs of tension. You can give him access to the breast as soon as you get him into the first strap, to calm him down, and wait until he calms down to get into the second strap. Take your time to place his mouth properly, talk to him.
After 3 months or when baby is holding his head. - You can offer to breastfeed him in the VERTICAL position in the Main Knot. All you have to do is lower the third nappy to free his legs and put your hands in the two straps, right up against Baby, to put him at the breast. Once he has finished feeding, you can put him back in the Main Knot. If, however, you feel that certain positions are not suitable for your baby or are unpleasant, listen to your baby and offer him the positions in which he seems most comfortable. A session with an osteopath, if the birth was accompanied by more specific medical procedures (forceps, caesarean section or others), could allow your child to start life with as little tension as possible and to appreciate the sling even more...