Can baby fall/slide out of the wrap?

If you are in a hurry...

If you follow the advice and safety rules in the instructions, this is impossible. The sling and the baby carrier hold your baby under your buttocks, between your legs, on your back, shoulders and neck.


This fear stems from a lack of knowledge about baby slings. Parents will gradually gain confidence in this technique as they become more familiar with this tool.

Like any other carrying method, the use of a wrap requires learning the knots and positions that they allow, as well as respecting the safety rules that are essential for a good carry.

By observing your baby, you will realise that he has innate skills to be carried. Carry him in your arms to see how he positions himself against you. This is a good prerequisite for carrying in a sling.

In practice, once the knot is in place with the baby, even if the knot is undone, the child does not "fall", just like if you have your laces undone while walking, the shoe does not fall off, it will loosen and you will feel it without instantly losing the shoe.

The sling mechanically reproduces the same system of support and anchoring as a classic baby carrier: baby is held under the buttocks, between the legs, on the back, the shoulders, the neck. The carrier has 2 straps and a waist belt. What is different is the possibility of adjusting completely to measure and distributing the weight and traction on the back and hips, thus obtaining more comfort.