Why buy babywearing clothes?

Finally, why a babywearing clothing like a jacket? Simply because if you are babywearing in a sling or baby carrier, in winter or simply when it is cold you will be faced with the question: How do I dress for going out with baby? 


  • If you put your own jacket over you and baby: baby's airways can be compressed 
  • If you put it on underneath, you will have to put on many layers to dress baby 
  • If you put it on underneath, you will have to put many layers on top of each other to dress baby (two Michelin tyres, top!)
  • If you buy a jacket that is too big for both of your bodies to fit, you'll look like a bag (a nice one, admittedly) and it will be uncomfortable 


A babywearing jacket will allow baby to breathe while protecting you both from the cold and maximising the exchange of heat between you. In fact, it will serve to have a comfortable carrying experience even when it is cold!


And the Parent's Hoodie is the most practical solution for this thanks to its invisible zips without insert :)