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Why does the CaravanBAG cost 129 €?

The Caravan Bag is a changing bag with the price of 3 products in 1

  • 1 FUNCTIONAL bag, thought for your daily life with and without Baby
  • 1 Hip seat that can partially replace your baby carrier
  • 1 baby carrier cover that also fulfills the role of a changing sheet 

We would have liked to offer it to you at a more affordable price. It was originally planned to be €99. Unfortunately, between its conception and its production, more than a year and a half has passed. Like you, we are suffering from inflation and rising prices from our suppliers.

And what happened during these years? 

  • The war in Ukraine
  • Rising cost of transportation 
  • Rising cost of oil 
  • Rising cost of cardboard 
  • Rising cost of electricity
  • Rising cost of raw materials



Oil price between September 2020 and September 2022 
As Polyester is a derivative of oil, it is closely linked to the same price and suffers the same impacts. 


All raw materials come from China, whose expertise it is. Instead of bringing the materials from different places to transit them to France, we made the choice to transit the finished product to France for sustainable and financial reasons. 

Love Radius provides a living for 16 families and needs to make a living from exports to continue to exist. We can't just sell online. This export also sustains an important fabric of resellers.

In addition to these elements, you will especially see the difference with a 60 euro changing bag in its daily use (promise!) 

Features  €60 diaper bag The CaravanBAG
Multiple compartmentalized storage ✔️ ✔️
Bottle holder (but dedicated space inside)  ✔️
Stroller/suitcase attachment system ✔️ ✔️
Baby carrier cover   ✔️
Separate waterproof bag for dirty diapers    ✔️
Changing mat included ✔️ ✔️
Certified Hip Seat booster carry function   ✔️
5 possible positions to carry the bag   ✔️
Hanging system on baby carrier   ✔️
Removable rain cover   ✔️
Removable pocket ✔️  
Expandable bag usable for hiking (not all, backpacks but less practical)  ✔️
Handsome!   ✔️