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What kind of babywearing is recommended for the newborn?

Newborns usually spend a lot of time in our arms. And, babywearing is as beneficial for parents as for babies (discover all the benefits of babywearing in this article).

All the carrying devices you can use will be precious allies in your daily life. They will allow you to stay active while keeping your hands free. 

However, you are probably wondering what type of babywearing is recommended for your newborn? Here are the different solutions we offer: 

The classic baby wraps or slings 

Babywearing a newborn in a wrap is an excellent way of carrying your baby safely. Usable from birth, it allows a physiological position that respects the morphology of the infant while offering a real second skin sensation. 

A real cocoon for your baby, it allows a real envelopment of the spine in comfort. 

It can be complicated to use if you don't take the time to learn the different knots. Our babywearing instructors are at your disposal to teach you all the subtleties of babywearing in our babywearing workshops.  You can also find all our babywearing tutorials to help you.

The classic Love Radius baby wraps: The Basic and the JPMBB Original

Our newborn baby wraps (not only for newborns!) are knitted in a unique way. It allows them to be stretchy in a star shape and therefore offer a real and secure support to carry your child. They are more enveloping than the woven baby wraps while remaining evolutionary thanks to the elastane. 

The JPMBB Original Wrap

Our JPMBB Original baby wrap is the very first from Love Radius! 

With a fabric specially designed for babywearing of 300g per m2, our baby wrap is durable and will not deform over time. 

To put the baby in the sling, you can tie a knot beforehand, the basic knot. This knot will allow you to put the baby in and out without untying him. Practical, isn't it? 

All positions are possible: ventral, dorsal or side carrying. 

Can be used for babies from birth to 14 kg. 


The Basic Baby Wrap 

The Basic wrap is very similar to the Original JPMBB wrap, but it is still different. Lighter and more airy, it is perfect for beginners. The fabric composition is similar to the Original JPMBB and respects the baby's physiology. It is made of GOTS certified organic cotton. 

Shorter, less wide and without pockets it allows only ventral carrying. 

Usable from birth to 9kg. 



Sling : The Little Wrap Without a Knot 

Our Little Wrap Without a Knot ring sling is as its name indicates a sling without knots! It is also recommended to babywear a newborn in a sling. Very easy and quick to use, it is the light accessory that will accompany you everywhere! 

Your baby will benefit from the same advantages of carrying without the knots to be made beforehand thanks to the rings. 

Carrying is done on one shoulder unlike other slings (beware of long walks!)

Two carrying positions: ventral or on the side. 

Can be used from birth to 14 kg. 


Full Buckle Baby Carriers: The HoodieCarrier and the PhysioCarrier 

As we know, choosing a baby carrier for a newborn is never easy!

For a newborn, choose a full buckle baby carrier over a traditional baby carrier. Soft shaped baby carriers provide a snug fit for the baby's lower back and don't force the natural spread of the knees. We make this possible with the baby booster seat and neck pillow offered in the different extension kits. The extension kit allows to respect the physiology from the first moments of life and is necessary until approximately 5kg.

You will be able to respect baby's physiology from birth while having a great freedom of movement.

More practical and easy to use than wraps, they will be perfect companions for long walks with your newborn if you don't want to take a babywearing course. 

The physiological baby carrier: PhysioCarrier

Our PhysioCarrier baby carrier is suitable for newborns thanks to its extension kit in the Evolution Pack 0-36+ PhysioCarrier.

Without the baby booster seat and neck pillow, we recommend it for babies over 4 months. 

Solid with wide and comfortable straps, it will be your ally for all situations in all seasons. 

It has a pocket that opens and closes to ventilate your toddler and a mirror to observe him when he is in your back. 

Can be worn on the front, back or side.

Can be used from birth (with the extension kit) up to 20kg. 


The physiological baby carrier: HoodieCarrier 

Our other HoodieCarrier baby carrier is just as suitable for newborns thanks to its extension kit in the Evolution Pack 0-36+ HoodieCarrier.

Simpler than the PhysioCarrier, the HoodieCarrier provides the comfort of our baby wraps and a hood! 

Made of a patented 3D breathable cotton OekoTex100 fabric unique to Love Radius, it offers a physiological babywearing experience for all seasons, in complete discretion. 

Can be worn on the front, back or side. 

Can be used from birth (with the extension kit) up to 20kg. 



So which babywearing is recommended for newborns? 

As we have seen, babywearing is highly recommended for newborns, skin-to-skin being the purest form of communication.

As far as babywearing is concerned, the classic sling is the most physiological approach for your baby ! It will really wrap your baby and respect the curve of the back from birth. 

Whether it is a wrap with or without a knot, we hope you will find what you are looking for at Love Radius!

However, for those who are afraid of the knot, the physiological baby carriers will be able to accompany you by adjusting to your baby's needs. Just be sure to change the orientation of baby's head every 20 minutes when he is sleeping.