How long to wear?

Have you ever wondered how long to carry your baby? If several hours of carrying is too long?

The reality is that there is no specific time. It depends on your baby's need to be carried and the context in which you find yourself. Outside or at home, the carrying time will not be the same :)

The important thing is to make sure that you vary your baby's position, for example every 30 minutes. Especially his head, which he cannot move by himself at birth. If we follow the paediatric recommendations for feeding (8 to 12 feeds/day). This leads us to say that it would be interesting to change position every 2-3 hours.

The time for example to change the nappy, to feed baby with the breast/bottle, to have a cuddle moment, transfer in the car...

The sling or the baby carrier will help you for the little koalas 🐨 who need a lot of arms!