How to dress baby in summer when babywearing?

Hot days in summer means hot weather. It is not always easy to know how to dress baby when it is hot. And when carrying, other questions arise. Discover our tips and tricks in this article. 


Tips for dressing baby in summer

Just like us, babies can suffer from the heat. Consequences: redness and sweating. Sweating helps to regulate heat. However, a baby (and especially a newborn baby) has difficulty regulating its temperature. Covering him more than necessary is therefore not recommended. 

They are also more sensitive to temperature variations, so be careful with air-conditioned places (supermarkets, shopping centers...). The risks of heat stroke or cold are then present.


Knowing if your baby is hot 

To know if your baby is too hot, there are a few distinctive signs: 

  • he is crying, squirming, screaming: this is not necessarily due to the heat but it can be a sign that he is too hot 
  • check his neck or shoulder blades: if these areas are very hot, it means that baby is too hot, a signal that you can remove a layer of clothing

Listen to your feelings, observe your child, you will instinctively know what to do, trust yourself!


Adapted clothes and accessories 


Choose light and breathable materials such as cotton (which has the advantage of absorbing perspiration), or blends containing linen, silk or viscose. These natural materials allow baby's skin to breathe. Synthetic fabrics tend to keep baby's skin warm and irritated by heat. This can lead to hot spots.


Light-colored clothes are also preferable: they absorb much less heat than dark colors. 


Number of layers and types of clothing

For newborns, it is recommended to add an extra layer of clothing compared to the adult. 

When carrying your baby, you are already sharing your body heat of 37° with him. With the wrap, each layer of the wrap represents a layer of clothing. 

When outside temperatures rise, it is tempting to leave him in a diaper, but if he sweats and there are drafts, he may catch a cold. Indoors, however, it's perfectly fine.

One-piece clothes are particularly suitable for baby to have a good freedom of movement. Those that close with snaps at the crotch are very practical.

If he is less than 6 months old: a romper, overalls or a bodysuit will be perfect

If he's older than 6 months: loose, light clothing, similar to your own, is best 

For the night, which can be cooler, a light sleeping bag is appropriate. Be sure to cover his belly, either with a bodysuit or light pajamas.


Essential accessories 

In addition to clothing, some accessories are essential to protect baby from the sun: 

  • hat and glasses to protect his face 
  • uv protection sunscreen with a high protection factor for babies
  • water: to hydrate and refresh your baby 
  • sun visor for car trips
  • toy box where you can put water: so that baby can cool off while having fun!

And for babywearing, if you need a very light and airy fabric adapted for summer, The Little Wrap Without A Knot is perfect. 




Of course, avoid going out during the hottest hours. It is advisable to go out when it is cooler: early morning before 10am and late afternoon after 4pm.


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