How to dress baby in winter when babywearing?

Portage en Hiver, papa et maman avec leurs enfants

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When you carry your baby, you are already sharing your body heat of 37 degrees with him. A good indicator with the wrap: each layer of the wrap represents a layer of clothing. Adjust the fit according to how you feel about the temperature. We recommend that parents do not use a pilot-type suit, which does not allow movement and can therefore keep baby too warm. But keep the extremities protected from the cold (hat, slippers).

Cold weather but you still have to carry your child. This is a question that often comes up: how to dress your baby in winter? Whether it's in a baby wrap, a sling or a baby carrier, stay with us to learn more. 


The advantages of winter babywearing

Well yes, babywearing in the winter has its advantages! 

  • as in any season, your baby is curled up against you within kissing distance: you are ready and willing to react immediately if you feel a change 
  • your body heat allows your child to regulate his own temperature: very important for a newborn who cannot regulate it alone
  • you keep your hands free and it's practical: the stroller on a ground affected by bad weather, it's sometimes complicated 


How to baby wear in winter ? Our recommendations  

In the baby carrier or the sling, baby benefits from the 37° body heat that you emit. But this is no reason not to cover him! 


A good indicator with the wrap is that each layer of the wrap represents a layer of clothing. 


To keep baby warm you must : 

  • dress baby by superimposing the layers: easier to adapt (long sleeve bodysuit then sweater then coat..) 
  • cover the extremities (head and neck, tiny hands, feet): hat, booties, gloves. These are the areas where heat loss is greatest
  • Be careful that baby does not get too hot. Contact with the wearer creates heat. Check his temperature by touching his neck and looking at the color of his skin. Pale/blue if he is cold, red if he is too hot. This will allow you to adapt according to your feeling 

We recommend that parents do not use a pilot-type suit that does not allow movement and can keep him too warm.


Winter baby wrap tip

You can fold a fleece in several layers and slip it under the 3rd layer of your wrap. You can easily regulate the heat without waking the baby up or taking him out of the wrap. Very practical! 


Watch the tutorial in our video.


Baby is carried inside the parent's coat 

Clearly the most practical and efficient solution because the sharing of warmth is done at best. It is not a means of carrying on its own, it allows the baby carrier or the sling to be carried. The carrying jacket or the carrying coat are specially designed to be able to continue carrying baby against you while protecting you both from the cold thanks to an extension. Just be sure to keep his airways clear. 

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