Is it possible to carry a premature baby or a baby weighing less than 3.5 kg?

Baby carriers for babies weighing less than 3.5 kg 

The standards for baby carriers and slings in Europe require a minimum weight of 3.5 kg (7,7 lbs). No baby carrier manufacturer can therefore officially claim to use a baby carrier under 3 kg.


Nevertheless, most parents can carry an infant under the weight indicated in the baby carrier or sling without worry. Of course, it is important to choose a physiological baby carrier that is adapted to the physiology and morphology of a newborn. It is important to make sure that the airways are clear and visible and that the baby is in a sitting position and not lying down. 

In the case of a very premature baby, it is recommended to ask the doctor's advice.


The baby wraps

For the most suitable babywearing, we strongly recommend the use of a wrap. The wrap is used from birth. It is the most physiological approach that will really wrap your baby and respect the curve of his back. 


The Love Radius baby wraps will accompany you in this sweet moment that follows the birth of the little ones. 


The classic (and unique) stretchy wraps: the JPMBB Original and the BASIC

Second skin sensation, baby in a cocoon, knot to be made before putting baby on for more practicality. 

JPMBB original baby wrap for premature baby Basic wrap for premature baby




The sling : Little Wrap Without A Knot

For parents who don't want to learn knots, the Little Wrap Without A Knot will be the most adapted from the maternity. 

Grey sling for premature baby



To carry your newborn, the off-centered position is the most suitable. This position has been specially developed with neonatology departments. 



To resume: 

  • baby carrier minimum weight: European standards require companies to note 3.5 kg (7,7 lbs) as the minimum weight. However, they can be used even if the weight is lower
  • only one type of baby carrier is recommended: the physiological or ergonomic baby carrier with a booster/headrest to be adapted from birth. It is necessary to take care that the physiology of baby is respected
  • the baby wrap remains the most recommended way to carry an infant


If your baby is premature, it is best to ask your doctor.