How to carry a baby of a few months old who is not used to babywearing?

A baby has an innate grasping reflex, which he will keep if he is carried regularly, and which will enable him to position himself easily in the sling or baby carrier. However, if this reflex is not used, i.e. if the child is not carried in a physiological way during the first few months, it will disappear: the baby will no longer spontaneously put himself in a physiological position in the sling, he will stiffen up, throw himself backwards, not accept to be contained in the sling... All is not lost though, it is possible to reacclimatise a baby to being carried.

The Little Wrap Without A Knot is an excellent baby sling to start with a child of a few months old: easily and quickly installed, it prevents the wearer and the baby from losing patience. It is not too tight, which is an advantage for babies who no longer appreciate the feeling of being too tightly contained.

In addition, you can "work on" the grip by sitting baby for a few minutes balancing on the sling left in rope, not deployed, at the level of his knees, which will encourage him to hold on to the carrier. The fabric can then be pulled up gradually so as not to brace a baby who is not used to being wrapped.