Baby doesn't like the carrier: what to do?

You've heard all the great things about babywearing for you and your baby, and we can confirm that it has some really great benefits! Creation of a bond, mobility, temperature regulation, better psychomotor development of baby... All these are great promises.

However, you put your baby in the sling or baby carrier for the first time, and then he cries, screams, gets stiff... Baby doesn't like the sling or baby doesn't like the baby carrier. That's what you tell yourself, and we understand. However, there may be reasons that are worth looking into in order to enjoy the joys of babywearing :) 


Baby: made to be carried

It's instinctive, you hold baby and he likes it and is reassured. We are part of the primate family, it is innate for baby to cling to his parents and it is a need for them to be carried anyway. 


If baby likes to be held, then we need to find out why this is not the case with the carrier…


Reasons for crying in a baby sling / wrap / carrier

1. You are new to babywearing

We know that it's not easy the first few times: rough and hesitant movements, complicated knotting, long adjustments... So much stress and anxiety that you share with baby. 


You must gain confidence in yourself, not everything has to be perfect from the start. You can rock him gently while talking to him and explaining what you are doing: you reassure yourself while reassuring baby. 


There's nothing better than practicing without baby to build confidence! 


With the Love Radius baby wraps, you can make the knot before putting baby in. Reassuring and practical: put baby in and take him out without undoing the knot.


bébé porté en écharpe de portage originale JPMBB Love Radius



2. The position is not suitable 


Not all positions are suitable for your baby, like us, they have their preferences. Some will prefer sideways positions, others ventral... You will have to try several before finding the one you like best. 


A baby suffering from GERD, for example, will prefer an off-centre position, not too close to the carrier. 


3. Baby is not used to it

If baby has not been carried since birth, he is not used to being carried in a sling or baby carrier. He is not used to being bundled up and pressed against his carrier. 


Once again, taking the time to explain, to rock him and to use him a little more each day to get him used to it is the best solution.


4. The sling or baby carrier is not suitable 


Yes, maybe baby doesn't like the sling or carrier you bought. Maybe the physiological position is not respected, the comfort is not optimal...


We don't believe that there are children who are resistant to cuddling... On the other hand, they are demanding in terms of comfort during the cuddle. We invite you to try another posture or perhaps another baby carrier or wrap to see if it is still as uncomfortable. 

At Love Radius, you have 30 days from receipt of your package to exchange or return the item if it doesn't fit :) 


5. It's just not the right time

He has a tummy ache, he wants to be free to move around on the floor, he's hot... He may not feel like it right now! Babywearing is a great way for parents to be free to move around while being with baby, but unfortunately, sometimes baby has other needs. 


Keep at it! 

The beginnings can be difficult but you will see, once the moment has passed, it is only happiness! 


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