I suffer from back pain, herniated disc, can I wear?

The most important thing in your case is obviously to listen to you and to respect your signs of fatigue! The so-called "physiological" babywearing is there to be comfortable for you and for your baby.

If not: which baby carrier do you have? How long do you carry and in which position(s)? Is baby at kissing height?

- In the case of an infant you will be carrying him in your arms anyway because he needs it. This will not help your back pain either. The ergonomic baby carrier is there to relieve you and the weight of the baby, to keep your spine straight, to relieve muscle tension in your shoulders, to distribute the weight on your pelvis.

- For a bigger baby, from 7-9kg, and 4-6 months, carrying on the back will allow you to relieve the growing weight of the baby. The back is designed to carry heavier loads. Accompany yourself with a babywearing instructor.