Until what age can I carry my baby?

Carrying times vary a lot depending on the age of the baby. It depends on his needs, on the availability of the carriers, on the culture... Basically, there is no standard. There are nevertheless some rules.

- During the first months, babywearing meets an important need of the infant. When the baby discovers his motor skills, he will want to spend some time on his mat, we will start to carry him a little less, a priori on the hip and on the back to free his field of vision and his hands.

- Time will pass, one day you will certainly feel guilty for carrying him too much, for putting him to sleep in the sling, or not. Then your child will pass to another stage of his development and you will forget these considerations because he wants to discover his close environment himself, we will carry him a little less, on the hip, the back.

- Then, maybe at 3 years old, for a hike, a second birth, or because he is sick, you will put your elder child back in the sling by carrying him in front, or on your back, or on your hip. Then you will find babywearing for what it is: an act of love, a very practical act too.