Stroller or baby carrier: which one to choose?

Strollers and baby carriers are suitable means of transport to help your baby discover the world. But what are their advantages and disadvantages? Browse this article to make your choice. 

As soon as your baby is born, the question of transporting your baby arises.

How to bring him home? How to go shopping? What is the most practical way to carry your baby around? You don't have to be traveling parents to rack your brains! 

Until your child is old enough to walk independently, you will need a way to carry your baby. So, stroller or baby carrier? It all depends on your needs and the situation! 

We will present the characteristics, pros and cons of these two products to help you. 

The stroller to transport the baby, really essential? 

The stroller is the most conventional way to go out with your baby. It doesn’t need any introduction! Composed of a frame and a baby carriage to put the baby down, it is supported by wheels to move it. 

Very democratized, we can say that it made its proof. In the stroller, the baby will be in a lying position and will be able to move more or less as he wants. Many models exist, such as travel strollers or all-terrain strollers.  Each concept is more innovative than the other to meet the needs of parents and children. It makes the choice difficult for you and we get it. 

Benefits of the stroller 

  • Convenient and easy to move baby  
  • No weight load on the back or shoulders 
  • Baby can change position 
  • Freedom of movement for the parent when baby is sleeping or during meal breaks
  • Allows you to carry extra products in compartments

Disadvantages of the stroller 

  • Bulky: not always easy to squeeze through narrow streets or store aisles 
  • Stroller not allowed in some places 
  • Not always adapted to the ground: on cobblestones, gravel or to climb stairs for example, the stroller can be unsuitable
  • May require bringing extra clothing 
  • No proximity to baby
  • Takes up space at home or in the car 

Is the baby carrier the best choice for carrying your baby? 

Babywearing is also becoming an essential way to move around with your child. And we know why! Carrying a baby has never been so easy and pleasant.

The baby carrier is an equipment that allows you to move around with your baby while having him close to you. Babywearing your baby against you thanks to a baby carrier or a baby wrap offers a permanent connection with your child that is unequaled by having all his mobility! 


Benefits of the baby carrier 

  • Proximity with baby to reassure him and follow his different reactions 
  • Hands free at all times
  • Much more mobility: the baby carrier is allowed everywhere, no problem to slalom in the aisles, take public transport or climb stairs, where your body goes, baby goes! 
  • No need to bring extra clothes to keep baby warm 
  • Promotes napping: the swaying of your step and the warmth of skin-to-skin contact will soothe baby to fall asleep more easily 
  • Ease baby's psychomotor development thanks to the physiological position offered by the full buckle baby carrier and the sling, while offering him the same vision as mom and dad to discover the world
  • Lightweight, easy to store and carry 


Disadvantages of the baby carrier 

  • Although our baby carriers and slings offer extended moments of comfort, over a very long period of time and with a baby that is getting heavier, it can be tiring for mom and dad's backs 
  • The extreme proximity can be hot in the summer, so be sure to bring misters! 

So, stroller or baby carrier? 

It's all about choosing what's best for you. For us, the baby carrier or the sling / baby wrap remain the most practical choice for carrying a baby. A permanent contact with the child which will reassure him, an infinite mobility and especially much less cumbersome! Carrying your baby in a baby wrap will allow him to discover the world around him with you, which a stroller does not allow.

The fact is that a stroller can be too cumbersome on a daily basis. Want to go for a spontaneous walk? You'll have to think about where you're going and whether the stroller is suitable for it.  Want to go traveling with a baby? Not sure if it will be accepted in the cabin.

To wear your baby from birth, we recommend a baby wrap that reminds you of the cocoon of the mother's belly. From 5 kg, if you want a more practical solution, the physiological baby carrier will be your best friend! And for the more adventurous, you should know that there are baby carriers for travel and hiking, the PhysioCarrier will be the most adapted. 


If you are tired and have a lot of backache, the stroller will be really complementary during your trips! 

As it is always the parents who speak best about it, here is a testimony of a family walk in a baby carrier. And if you have any questions, you can contact us or consult all our articles on babywearing.