Tips for traveling with baby

Parents, but not only, you always want to go on vacation. Is traveling with a baby possible? Yes, fortunately! The arrival of your little one will just require more organization. 


How do you go about it? At what age? Stay with us to discover the world with your family peacefully. 


From what age can a baby travel? 


There is no real age to travel with your baby. From birth, you can go on vacation with your family. 


The fact is that if Mum and Dad are by his side, feeding him, sleeping and reassuring him, the baby will adapt anywhere. 


Of course, caring for a newborn takes time and adjustment if you want to go in the first few weeks of his birth. As young parents, you will get to know your infant, his different needs, and set up a new routine with three people instead of two. 


Don't hesitate to take your time and, when you feel ready to travel with a child in adequate conditions, go! Weekends or weeks of adventure are yours. 


Why travel with your toddler? 

A sentence that many parents may hear is: "Why go with your baby? He won't remember it". It is partly true, your baby will not remember your wonderful vacations in Majorca.

Should we stop reading stories to them? Should we stop making them hear another language? Of course not. It promotes interaction, bonding and language development. 


Well, going on a trip with your baby is the same thing. He probably won't remember the church he visited in a small town in France, but he will have seen the special lights there. He probably won't remember that he went to Provence but will have discovered the smell of lavender. 


Traveling with an infant will create unique experiences of discovery for him, but also sublime memories for you, parents, that you can immortalize in photos. 

Then, haven't you already witnessed parents that people approach more easily? People like to share their experience, their best spots to parents accompanied by their baby. You will then discover less touristy places to soak up the local culture. 


So if you want to discover a destination more slowly and encourage the development of your baby who will adapt everywhere, family travel is made for you! 


How to carry your baby while traveling? 


If you're going to walk the streets, fly with a baby or go to the market, you'll need a way to carry your baby. 


The baby wraps


The wrap is the most practical, comfortable and reassuring way to carry your baby in many situations. 


Against your chest, baby can discover the world at your height, serene. You have your hands free but your eye is always on your child. The wrap can be stored anywhere, in a bag or a suitcase, you will always have it with you if needed. You will be able to sneak in everywhere.


It is also the most physiological way to carry your baby, which means that it respects the baby's morphology. They can be used from birth. 


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The baby carrier


For days of hiking, the baby carrier can be more versatile. With its adjustable straps, the weight is better distributed and therefore more comfortable for the wearer. If the baby is doing his weight, it will also be more comfortable than a sling / baby wrap. It is very easy to install because there is no need to make a knot. 


You can carry your child in front, on the side or behind (practical backpack effect for long walks). 


Our physiological baby carriers can be used from birth (with the extension kit) up to 20 kg. 


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There are also hiking baby carriers that are suitable for sitting babies. Be aware that they are much heavier and bulkier than the traditional ones. 


The stroller 


The stroller may seem like the most practical means of transport, but in practice, it can be cumbersome and unsuitable when hiking (long live the rocks and narrow paths). 


It can be useful when you are at the restaurant to have a total freedom of movement while he is napping or to relieve your muscles. Carrying in a sling or in a baby carrier is still very suitable, relevant and comfortable. The weight is well distributed and both baby and carrier are comfortable. 

To discover in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the stroller and the baby carrier 

The car seat 


Traveling can mean a long journey in the car or on public transport. To travel in your car with a baby in complete safety, you can't do without a car seat. You have three choices: buy your own and bring it with you, rent one that car rental companies offer (don't forget to clean it first!) or buy one on the spot. 

The essentials to take with you on a trip for baby 


First trip with your baby and you're afraid of forgetting something? It's normal. We're going to make a list of essentials for you. If you forget anything, everything is fine, most supermarkets will be able to help you.


For care and hygiene

  • A first aid kit: a little scratch, fever, colic, anything can happen. So take a special baby first aid kit to be ready for any unexpected event.
  • A diaper bag: to carry all you need to change your baby, to protect him with diapers, cotton pads, wipes, liniment, sun protection 

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To feed him 

  • Bottles if you are not breastfeeding, powdered milk, small jars or BPA-free plastic lunch boxes with baby food, reusable water bottles to put compotes for example (the glass can break when travelling) 
  • Water, prefer bottled water 
  • Cutlery and bib, it's more practical! 


Identity papers

  • The health booklet: in case of illness it is always useful 
  • Identity card or passport: if you cross the French borders, these papers will be required depending on the place of travel 
  • Family record book (just in case)
  • Authorization to leave the country if the child is traveling with grandparents, uncles and aunts, without parents 


For sleeping 

  • A sleeping bag and a blanket to keep warm
  • A pacifier and a teddy if needed 
  • A mosquito net to protect baby if you are in a place infested by mosquitoes 


To dress him 

  • Take your child's usual clothes, anticipating that it may be hot or cold 
  • Sunglasses, hat, anti-UV swimsuit 


To entertain him 

  • Toys that he likes 
  • Books to read to him 


In any case, it is up to you to choose what you want to bring for your baby as long as you respect his physiological needs. Travel light or take a maximum of stuff "just in case", each one has his mantra! 


Organize your trip with your baby, yes, but how? 


The journey 

By car

There are two types of babies, those who enjoy long car trips and those who hate them. We therefore anticipate : 

  • the length of the journey: we try not to have a whole day car trip 
  • the time of the journey: to leave during the nap, good idea not? 
  • how to entertain him during the journey: toys, cartoons. 


By plane


After 7 days, the baby can get on the plane with you in most airlines. If your baby is under 2 years old, the tickets will be very cheap (up to 90% discount) because he can travel on your lap. You also have the possibility to take a ticket for him alone and have an extra seat. 


Most airlines offer the possibility to bring a stroller and a car seat for free in the hold but check the conditions before departure. 


For long flights, opt for night flights. Some airlines are more adapted and offer better services for children, do not hesitate to ask. 


To change your child, a changing table is available in the airplane's bathroom. 



By train


Fortunately, you can travel by train with your baby and sometimes even for free on the SNCF network (up to 4 years old). 


There are spaces dedicated to families in the trains, which will help you avoid the glares of people without children. 


The day and the visits 

  • Plan more regular breaks to let your baby rest or feed him (a baby wrap or a baby carrier makes it easier to fall asleep and allows you to breastfeed discreetly) - Visits will therefore take longer than if you were only two
  • Stay alert to baby's needs, if he is tired, respect his need to sleep, baby sleeps are very important. If he wants to stretch and have fun, take a relaxation break! 


To keep in mind 

  • There is no age to travel with your baby
  • There are several ways to carry your baby, depending on the situation: baby wraps and baby carriers for closeness to baby and versatility, strollers if your back is sore or car seats for car journeys 
  • Don't forget in your list: baby's identity papers with his health record, something to dress him in all situations, to protect and feed him 
  • All means of transport accept young children, it is up to you to see what suits you best and to plan accordingly