How to travel with a baby on a plane?

Future or young parents, you wish to travel and take the plane even with your baby. From what age can a baby fly? What do you need to bring? We tell you everything. 


From what age can a baby fly? 


From birth, baby can fly. However, most airlines only accept babies who are more than 7 days old. Ask for more information. 

If you are not in a hurry and are planning a long plane trip with your baby, we still recommend that you wait at least 3 weeks before taking your little one on a trip. He will even have received his first vaccinations that way! 


For the schedule, it is more comfortable to choose a short flight than a long one. However, if you have to go far away, it is better to choose a night flight which will allow (we hope) the baby to sleep. 


Action, organization, boarding the plane!

What documents are required to travel with a baby on a plane? 

Your baby, just like you, must present identity documents to travel. They depend on the destination. In France, there is no document necessary except the identity card. For any other destination you will need : 

  • His identity card (valid of course): European Union/Schengen area
  • His passport: outside the European Union
  • His passport AND his visa in some countries
  • An authorization to leave the country if you want to travel with a baby that is not yours or if the grandparents, the sister or the brother leave on a trip with your little one without you 
  • The family record book: if your child does not have the same name as you, to prove your affiliation 
  • His or her health record: just in case, it's always better! 


One seat, two seats? 

Children over 2 years old 

For young children over 2 years of age, you must reserve his own seat, which can be discounted depending on the airline.  (20 to 30%)


Children under 2 years old 

Your child can travel on your lap and benefit from a big discount on the ticket (90% at Air France!). You will not need to reserve a second seat for him. It is always possible to book a baby seat if you need more space but the price will be higher! 


Be aware that some airlines offer cribs on long-haul flights to put your baby to sleep during the trip. There are only a few available on each flight so it is necessary to reserve them in advance. 


How to carry your baby through the airport when boarding? 

Your child is not walking yet but you want to keep your hands free and your back in perfect condition? The most practical solution is to use a baby carrier or a sling/baby wrap

Like you, your child will have to pass through security gates and, for example, the stroller will not be suitable because it will have to be taken out (plus it is more cumbersome on the escalators). 


With the baby carrier or the sling, you will have your hands free to look for your papers or carry your suitcase while having your baby against you.

PhysioCarrier baby carrier for carrying baby and carrying luggage when traveling with baby JPMBB Original baby wrap, mom carries baby while accompanying her older child

Discover the Love Radius baby carriers that will facilitate your travels in the airport (and even after!) 

Discover the Love Radius baby wraps that will reassure your baby during your air travels 


See : How to choose between a baby wrap and a baby carrier? 


What luggage is allowed for a baby? 

For children under 2 years old 

Yes, leaving with your child requires a little more stuff than usual. Fortunately, airlines allow you to add extra items for free for children under 2 years old. One carry-on, one checked baggage, one car seat and one stroller. Ask the airline about their specificities. 


For children over 2 years old 

He can carry the same luggage as you since he has his own seat! 

Be sure to check the formalities with your airline before departure. 


During air travel

What to bring for a baby? 

In your carry-on bag or diaper bag, you will be able to put everything you need during the flight. As we know, traveling is already a source of stress, so with a baby, it is even more stressful. Foresight. This is what will allow you to leave more serenely :) 

To help you not forget anything: 

    • sufficient food and water, baby food and bottles for example (the 100ml limit does not apply to babies, you can even heat the bottles on the plane by asking the hosts and hostesses) 
    • blanket and hat to protect him/her from the air conditioning and therefore from the cold (always on during the flight!) 
    • a first aid kit (physiological serum, compresses, paracetamol, thermometer...) 
    • diapers and wipes for changing (there is a changing table in the toilets) 
    • a change of clothes 
    • nipple, comforter and quiet games if needed 

And, the baby carrier or the baby wrap will once again help you to reassure the baby against you and facilitate his falling asleep, for a serene trip. 


Baby's ears pain

With the changes in air pressure, it is not uncommon for children to have earaches. Especially during take-off and landing. 


What can you do to relieve earaches? 

  • breastfeed or give the baby a bottle, this helps to balance the pressure
  • give him a nipple
  • make him drink water (if he is not old enough to suckle) 
  • try to make him yawn


Last little piece of advice for taking the plane, stay calm! Take the time to reassure your child, be calm and luckily the baby will be calm too. 


Have a good trip! 


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