TOP 5: choosing the best baby carrier

Baby is coming or already here and buying a baby carrier becomes essential. But the choice of baby carrier models is endless and leaves you distraught. We are here to help you make that choice: what criteria should you take into account? What should you look for? Stay with us to decide and have your hands free.


Criteria for choosing a baby carrier 

1- Choose a physiological baby carrier 

This is really the most important element. The physiological position must be respected

  • Limbs bent and grouped towards the center of the body
  • Knees at the level of the navel, legs raised in "M
  • Pelvis tilted forward
  • Lower back rounded
  • Position of the head in the axis of the spine
  • Before 3-4 months: knee distance equal to the width of the pelvis
  • After 3-4 months : (when baby can grasp his feet on his own) wider knee spacing, he can kiss the carrier

physiological position in PhysioCarrier

The IHDI certifies that baby carriers and slings are healthy for baby's hips and their development. This certification is therefore a guarantee of confidence and quality for an ergonomic baby carrier, also known as physiological. 


2- Choose according to baby's age 

For wearing your baby from birth, the sling/baby wrap remains the most physiological way to carry your child. However, full-buckle baby carriers allow you to use it from birth. Often with  an infant insert : a booster and a neck pillow that can be removed from 4-6 months. 


Until what age do you plan to use it? In general, baby carriers accept weights up to 15-30 kilograms (for very large toddlers). Be sure to check the maximum weight accepted. 


3- Anticipate the use of the baby carrier 

A daily baby carrier for all trips or on the contrary an occasional tool? Used for shopping or hiking? The answers to these questions should guide your choice. 

If it's your daily or hiking tool, you need to choose a baby carrier that is comfortable for baby (obviously) but also for you! Adjustable and well-padded straps. 

For a comfortable babywear in summer, it's the same! You should choose breathable materials that won't keep you and baby too hot. 


4- Possible carrying positions of the baby carrier 

Yes, several positions are possible: ventral baby carrier, dorsal baby carrier, on the side or all 3 if you are lucky! 

If you are going on a hike, it is preferable that the back position is possible, practical for you but also for your baby who will be able to discover the world at your side and at your height. 

We do not recommend carrying facing the world, only facing the carrier: baby can not see the reactions of his parents and is left on his own, in front of all the stimuli around him.

See : 

5- Comfort and style to enjoy 

That's not all, but you must also enjoy your purchase! It is quite possible to combine practicality, respect for baby's physiology, comfort, STYLE and FUN. 

For the comfort side : 

  • padded straps and waistband for a long lasting and pleasant wearing experience
  • quality and softness of the fabric so that baby feels at his best 

As for aesthetics, everyone has their own taste! 


Selection of the best baby carriers - Love Radius

Because we know them and have tested them, we can tell you about our baby carriers at Love Radius. They will meet your different needs. 

The HoodieCarrier 2: your baby is unique, so give him or her a made-to-measure baby carrier every time!

HoodieCarrier 2 is the stylish baby carrier that grows with you and your baby.

  • Physiological from 0 to 36 months
  • Adjustable seat width (11-38 cm)
  • Center section adjustable to baby's size
  • Sling feel




The PhysioCarrier: the best for all seasons, all situations 

The PhysioCarrier is your everyday ally, whether you're at home or on a hike. 

With its ultra-padded straps and waist belt (very generously padded indeed), it is pleasant to carry your baby for hours without hurting your shoulders or your back. To adapt to any morphology, double adjustment of the straps. Perfect for hikes and long outings! 

Can be used in any season thanks to its unique 3D technology ultra breathable cotton material, guaranteed without harmful substances. 

Little benefit: a pocket opens and closes to ventilate baby even more 

Another little benefit: a mirror is integrated to allow you to observe baby at the back (we always know how baby is doing!) 

Usable : 

  • from birth to 20 kg with the extension kit (booster seat and headrest) 
  • from 5 kg (3-4 months) to 20 kg without the extension kit 

It is of course physiological, certified by the IHDI.


What our users say about it: Mélody. L "Very practical baby carrier, with very long adjustable straps to suit all morphologies (which can be rolled up so that it doesn't drag). Baby is comfortable and seems to enjoy being in it."

Best baby carrier the PhysioCarrier in grey Love Radius, mum babywearing his child



The HoodieCarrier: the best style for baby wrap-like comfort

The HoodieCarrier is the most stylish baby carrier for you and the softest for your baby. 

Its straps and waistband are just as padded as the PhysioCarrier’s and offer long-lasting comfort. The only difference is that the straps can be adjusted to fit all sizes. It is also slightly less massive.  

Also usable in any season thanks to its unique material 3D technology ultra breathable cotton, guaranteed without harmful substances. 

Little benefit: material of an unequaled softness and suppleness for a feeling close to the baby wrap

Other little benefit: a very sportswear style, sober, uncluttered, similar to a hoodie (moreover a small hood is provided to protect baby), unique design!

Usable : 

  • from birth to 20 kg with the extension kit (booster seat and neckpillow) 
  • from 5 kg (3-4 months) to 20 kg without the extension kit 

It is of course physiological, certified by the IHDI. 


What our users say about it: Marion.L "Great baby carrier! It is ergonomic and physiological to preserve baby's posture. The design and the material are top. Booster and neckpillow when baby is very small (less than 6 months). The colors are simple but effective. Small hood to protect baby's head. Approved and adopted by dad and baby who are fans! Daddy loves to carry baby".

Best baby carrier HoodieCarrier grey Love Radius, mum babywearing his baby



Our two baby carriers are easy to put and loved by moms and dads alike! Not at all childcare type, they do not hide your identity and leave the place to the Dad during babywearing. 

Dad is babywearing his baby in the HoodieCarrier, babycarrier Love Radius Dad is babywearing his baby outside in the PhysioCarrier, babycarrier Love Radius


Summary of the best baby carrier 

The 5 criteria :

  • Baby's physiology respected 
  • Baby's age : from birth, after 4 months, 6 months, 3 years…
  • Use : frequency, places, duration
  • Carrying positions: front, side, back
  • Style and comfort for parent and baby: padded straps, baby well installed and aesthetic that you like 

We hope that our advice will help you and we are at your disposal for any questions you may have about babywearing, whether in a baby carrier or in a wrap. 

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