TOP 5: choosing the best baby wrap

The baby wrap is the essential accessory to carry your baby from birth. Woven or stretchy baby wrap, with or without a knot, it is easy to get lost. Stay with us, experts in babywearing since 2007, we can help you. 

You will find our top 5 tips to make your choice before purchase. 

Summary : 

Criteria for choosing a baby wrap

1 - The type of wrap

Stretchy, woven or ring-sling, which one to choose ? It all depends on your needs. We will briefly mention the differences.


Stretchy baby wraps

They can be 100% cotton and be stretchy on the width only or be made of a mixture of cotton and elastane and thus be stretchy in all directions. 

The fabric of a stretchy sling is soft which offers a very enveloping side, a very comfortable cocoon effect for the baby. Their stretchy fabric also makes them easier to tie. 


Woven baby wraps 

They are less flexible because they are often 100% cotton and offer brighter colors due to the weaving. They are supposed to deform less over time. Many different weaves exist, each with their own specificities. 


The ring-sling 

Unlike the other two, there is no need to make knots, it is tied with rings, which makes it easier to hold. Lighter and shorter, it allows an asymmetrical carrying, thus on one shoulder only. 


2- The length and fabric of the wrap 

Yes, there are different lengths of wrap to fit your needs and those of your baby. From 1m70 to more than 5m, there is something for everyone. 

The longer a wrap is, the more it will be able to adapt to the morphologies of Dad and Mom. The length also determines the different knots you can make. 

The material also plays an importance according to the seasons: choose a lighter fabric for summer (cotton, linen) and a more covering one for winter (the presence of elastane provides warmth). Cotton is very soft and comfortable for you and baby.


3- Ease of use 

Babywearing with a wrap can scare more than one parent, and we understand you. Some wraps allow you to make the knot before putting the baby in it, which is more reassuring. Some knots are basic and therefore easy to learn while others are more complicated. It's up to you! The slings are also very easy to handle because no knot is needed. 

We are always available to help you during the carrying process. By email, Messenger, Whatsapp or Instagram. Various video tutorials are online to help you.

It is still recommended to learn in workshops with trained babywearing instructors. -> My babywearing instructor 


4- Features 

Front carry, Hip carry or back carry, what do you need? Not all slings offer the same carrying positions. If you like to go hiking (when baby is over 6 months old), then you may need to carry your baby on your back. The models that offer the most positions are the most practical. 

In addition to the positions, there is also the evolutionary aspect of the wrap. The weight that a wrap can support differs from one to another. Not all wraps are recommended from birth. So pay attention to this aspect.


5- Safety and maintenance 

To carry your child, it is necessary to be in total security. That's why this criterion is very important: solidity, respect for the baby's physiology and without toxic substances. 

The certifications will be able to help you: 

  • OekoTex100 fabric, guaranteed without harmful substances
  • Baby wrap certified healthy for baby's hips by the IHDI

Concerning the maintenance, so that the sling is always clean and healthy for your child (yes, no rash!), prefer machine washable models. 


Selection of the best baby wraps - Love Radius

Since 2007, Love Radius has been studying and designing baby slings that respect the needs of the baby and you, the parents. We also work with neonatology departments to offer you the best. 

All our wraps are OekoTex100 certified and are certified healthy for baby's hips by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


The “JPMBB original” stretchy wrap

The first from Love Radius, formerly "Je Porte Mon Bébé". The Original allows you to carry your baby safely and easily. Unique stretch fabric that does not deform over time: comfort and support for baby. 

It is the most versatile of our wraps: front, side and back carrying for home or the outside.  

Thanks to its extensibility and the unique Love Radius knot (the basic knot), you can put baby in and take him out of the wrap without untying the knot. 

Its little advantages : multipositions, recognizable pocket on the front and breastfeeding in all discretion 

Can be used from birth to 14 kg. 

Mom babywearing her child in the best baby wrap the JPMBB Original




Little sister of the jpmbb Original, this is our affordable baby wrap for tighter budgets who want quality. 

Shorter and less wide, it allows you to carry your baby in front of you and not on your side or your back. It is the perfect wrap to start with. 

It also allows you to make the knot before putting the baby in the wrap, and change position with a single knot. 

Its little advantage: in organic cotton

Usable from birth to 9 kg. 

Parents babywearing their child in the best baby wrap blue the BASIC Love Radius



The Little Wrap Without A Knot

The sling of the Love Radius family. With no knots, you can put your baby in the sling in 45 seconds and keep your hands free for whatever you want to do, baby safe. 

It's the fastest and easiest to use. Light and shorter, it is very pleasant in summer. 

Its little advantage: two colors and reversible to fit your look 

Can be used from birth to 14 kg.

Front carry or Hip carry. 

Mom babywearing her sleepy baby in the best sling the Little Wrap Without A Knot



Summary of the best baby wrap choice 

The 5 criteria to look at : 

  • the type of wrap according to the need
  • the length and the material of the fabric
  • the ease of use
  • the features
  • safety and maintenance 

We hope that our advice will help you and we are at your disposal for any questions you may have about babywearing, whether in a baby wrap or a baby carrier. 

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