Baby carrier and baby wrap for summer : how to choose ?

The first hot days are coming and you want to enjoy the outdoors with your baby. You need an adapted and ventilated physiological way of babywearing. Stay with us to know which one to choose! 

Be aware that by carrying your child you are already sharing your body heat which tends to make you hot. But, some baby carriers and slings are more suitable than others in summer.


Summer babywearing: getting started

First of all, a few tips to help you carry your baby when it's hot: 

  • don't overdress your child with layers of fabric. Adapt to the weather conditions, the baby carrier or sling already acts as a layer of clothing. One layer of wrap = one layer of clothing
  • hydrate yourself and your baby more frequently, either with water or milk
  • avoid going out during the hottest hours (12:00pm/16:00pm) 
  • protect your baby from the sun with a hat or cap, sunglasses and sunscreen (you too) 
  • Choose the shade even if you have a hat and sunscreen!

Carrying your child against you means he or she spends less energy regulating his or her own temperature. 

Your body temperature is always 37°C, so being close to your baby gives your child a cue to stay at the right temperature. And if your child sweats a little, it's normal, as we sweat to regulate ourselves, so do they. But if it's excessive, and he's flushed and breathing hard, he's probably suffering too much from the heat. So you'll need to cool him down by moisturizing and spraying him with water using a spray bottle. 


Choosing the best baby wrap for summer

The material 

It is obvious that it is better to choose a light and airy material. Cotton or viscose are particularly suitable because they let the skin breathe while absorbing moisture. 


The thickness 

We will prefer a thin wrap that will let baby breathe! 


The color

The best solution is to choose a light color that reflects the sun's rays as opposed to dark fabrics that absorb it and make it even warmer. 


Woven baby wrap, stretchy baby wrap or sling 

Because of its ease of use and its material, the sling is the most adapted to summer babywearing. Yes, having to tie the knot can make you sweat and the layering required with the classic baby wrap can keep you warmer. The easily adjustable rings will save your summer days. 


With the ring sling, a single layer of fabric, itself light and airy. 


The Little Wrap Without a Knot will be your partner to carry your baby in the summer but also in all other seasons! Usable from birth to 14 kg, made of beech viscose, it is light and soft. 

Little Wrap Without a Knot, mom carry her child in summer

 I discover my Love Radius sling


Choosing the best baby carrier for summer

The baby carrier is very quick to put on and is very practical when hiking.


The material 

As for the sling, it is better to choose a light and airy material. Cotton is particularly suitable. Some baby carriers are even made of an ultra-breathable material thanks to the 3D breathable technology (breathable mesh). Make sure it is OekoTex100 certified, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances. 


The physiological position 

Unlike slings, not all baby carriers are physiological! That is to say that the physiology of a baby is not respected. Legs spread and raised in "M", hip distance respected, lower back rolled up... Be sure to check if the baby carrier is certified healthy for the hips by the IHDI.

Prefer full buckle carriers / soft structured carriers.


The Love Radius physiological baby carriers are both suitable for carrying in summer thanks to their ultra-breathable, all-weather fabric. (by adding clothes in winter) 


The PhysioCarrier : we love, a pocket that opens and closes to ventilate baby 

The HoodieCarrier : we love, ultra soft fabric with a sling feel


They can be used from birth (with the extension kit) up to 20 kg. 


PhysioCarrier_porte_b_b___t_.jpeg HoodieCarrier_porte_b_b__naissance.jpeg


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