What are the benefits of babywearing ?

In summary…

- For the baby: reproduction of the foetal position which reassures him. Stimulates the production of oxytocin and therefore the bond of attachment, facilitates digestion and reduces reflux and colic. Baby can share the different rhythms and emotions of the day at adult eye level.
- For the parent: hands free, skin to skin. It can also facilitate breastfeeding.


What is physiological babywearing? 


Babywearing, as its name indicates, is the act of carrying your baby against you, either in your arms or with the help of a cloth. Physiological babywearing satisfies the baby's physiological needs and allows you to carry your child in the most natural way possible while following his morphological evolution.

It will respect the fetal position by allowing a good maintenance of the spine and its rounded curve. The hips and pelvis are also respected. (to know more about the physiological positions at each age


Babywearing can start from the first days and will really make the transition between the uterine world and the outside world. When properly mastered, babywearing promotes baby's development and brings many advantages and benefits for both baby and parents.


The benefits of babywearing for the baby 


Reassures baby 

By reproducing the fetal position, babywearing will reassure the child from birth who only knows his mother's belly. The closeness and physical contact with his parents will also calm and provide a sense of security to the baby. 


Reduces crying 

The feeling of security that comes from being close to his parents thanks to babywearing will help reduce crying. 


Helps to establish the foundations of communication between the adult and the child 

By intervening at the beginning of parenthood and the adult-child relationship, babywearing can determine a form of communication between the baby and his parents. 


Favors the formation of an attachment bond 

The contact, the gestures of tenderness and the affectionate look of the parents will stimulate the production of oxytocin, a hormone linked to attachment. 


Facilitates digestion 

In a physiological fetal posture, baby's muscles are relaxed, which makes digestion more efficient and reduces reflux and colic. 


Facilitates sleep 

The rocking that accompanies babywearing, the warmth of skin-to-skin contact, and the breathing and smell of mom and dad will reinforce the baby's sense of security and make it easier for him to sleep. 


Stimulates motor, cognitive and emotional development 

Wearing your baby allows him to actively participate in the world. The child shares the different rhythms and emotions of the day at adult eye level. Carrying stimulates the muscles of the neck and back, which will promote their development as well as the baby's sense of balance. More info -> on the psychomotor development of baby through babywearing


The benefits of babywearing for parents 


Get your hands free again 

Hands are available for many daily activities such as shopping, housework or traveling. It is particularly practical to continue to take care of brothers and sisters and also allows you to disconnect a little from the baby on a mental level. Especially when the baby is very demanding of attention, without putting him at a distance. 


Establish a pre-verbal communication and a parent-child bond

Responding to your child by touching, rocking and looking is the beginning of an exchange from the very first days. Babywearing will also help to see and analyze more quickly the different reactions and needs of the baby. 



Favors skin-to-skin contact 

Babywearing will be interesting to practice skin to skin, especially for the first days and the rise of milk. The wrap covers the whole chest and the buttocks of the mother once unrolled. You can be discreetly skin to skin with your baby in society. 


Facilitates breastfeeding 

For breastfeeding, the baby carrier and the wrap allow you to breastfeed in a public place. Breastfeeding in a sling is not a goal in itself, but it allows you to include and maintain breastfeeding in your daily life more easily out of sight. 


Allow the father to have his place and spend time with the family

Babywearing can help create or strengthen the bonds between parents and child, especially for fathers who may feel an intimacy that was previously reserved for the mother during her pregnancy. Whether for adults or siblings, the possibility of wearing the newborn in a sling will allow the family to be available. 


For babywearing: baby carriers and baby wraps 


To carry your baby in the best conditions, you can wear your baby in baby carriers or baby wraps according to your needs. 


Baby carriers 

Baby carriers are the easiest to use. More robust than the slings with their straps and easily adjustable, they can accompany you from birth (with the extension kit up to 5kg) up to 20kg of baby. 


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Baby wraps 

Baby wraps offer the best physiological carrying for baby from birth because they are very close to the fetal position. Requiring more practice, you can find it with or without knot

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