Can I wear my baby after a C-section?

Is it ok to carry a baby after c-section? The answer is YES, fortunately, but some ways of babywearing after a c-section are more suitable than others. 


Whether the C-section is scheduled or not, it is common to believe that moms cannot carry their babies for 3 weeks after childbirth. Young moms, this rumor is false! Fortunately, babywearing and cesarean sections are compatible. Doctors often say that you should not carry heavier than your baby. So yes, the best thing is not to carry heavy loads such as groceries, water packs, brothers and sisters...But this advice is also valid for women who have given birth naturally.

Indeed, after such an abdominal surgery there is:

  • a beautiful scar after a cesarean to protect
  • the obligation to stay in bed for 6 to 7 hours
  • pain…

How to carry your baby after a C-section? 

  1. Wear very high. This will avoid putting pressure on your lower abdomen and your scar.
  2. Avoid all belts, straps and knots on your belly.
  3. Prefer the sideways Vertical Seated position. This places the baby high on your chest, relieves your perineum and avoids contact with your lower abdomen. 

The ideal babywearing 


  • In a ring sling

The Little Wrap Without a Knot will be your best ally to carry your baby after your C-section because you will be able to wear him on one shoulder, very high. For woven wrap, this is our quick and easy solution.


  • In a baby wrap


The Basic or JPMBB Original stretchy wraps with the main knot (without the final turn on the pelvis) in the Sideways Vertical Seated position. Place the baby's head under your chin, in sideways vertical seated position while making the final double knot in your back, without crossing or spreading over the hips.


For a scheduled C-section, take the baby wrap in the newborn pack so that Daddy can do some skin-to-skin and welcome Baby in the wrap safely and comfortably.

He can wear a shirt that he will simply unbutton. More testimonies about wearing a wrap after a C-section on the Users' Corner

As soon as the doctor's indications concerning the healing process allow it and you are sufficiently rested, if you feel the need, you can try to put Baby in a baby wrap. 

Listen to your body and your feelings before using any wrap, ring sling or baby carrier. Taking care of yourself and your baby is the most important thing. 

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